October 2019


Hang Eze Micro II

NEW – the Hang Eze Micro II has been redesigned to hold header cards up to .40″ thick. Featuring an angled fold-over fastener with a tight locking clip, rest assured that your product will hang securely and the display will remain organized. Check out Allen Field’s Retail Hook Series for various cost-effective display options for header cards, hosiery, small apparel, and more! 



PP800 Two-Part Ellipse with Dust Pouch

Allen Field’s Hand Hole Handles protect the carrier’s hands from contact with the sharp edges of corrugated while also providing excellent reinforcement to the box cut-outs. For added security to keep out dust, dirt, and moisture, the go-to solution is the new PP800. Featuring a pre-attached clear pouch, the new PP800 delivers seamless installation and reliable protection of the box contents.



Display Hook With Label Holder


Featuring an all plastic structure and a rotary locking mechanism, Allen Field’s original display hook was designed for hanging products on a corrugated display. Now with an additional label holder, this new hook not only holds merchandise, but also creates eye-catching space in front of the displayed items to show off your brand name and important product information! Our Specialty POP series offers a wide variety of display aids to showcase your products and to optimize shelf space in a busy retail setting. Fill out the request form to be notified when samples are available!


Side Mount Handles

You may already used our 9″ Heavy Duty or 9″ Elliptical handles but did you know that these handles can be side-mounted? Make this simple change by adjusting the cut-outs to your box! Regardless of the mounting, the handles can hold the same amount of weight. Allen Field offers the largest selection of plastic handles for both top-mounted and side-mounted styles. Speak to a packaging expert to find the best carrying solution for your product!


Benefits of Prototyping

At Allen Field, we utilize the latest CAD modeling software and 3D-printing technologies to create a rapid prototype of a concept product in weeks instead of months, with fewer engineering defects and lower development costs! With over 30 years of experience in custom design and manufacturing, we deliver superior service at every stage of the process along with the turn-key packaging solution that optimizes value.


5050 Bracket & Cover

Whether you are mounting a handle to environmental testing equipment or a musical instrument case, the 5050 bracket and cover are a classic choice. The set includes a three-hole bracket and a cover which locks into the bracket to conceal the fasteners. The bracket is customizable with various hole sizes and can be made with or without positioning prongs for added strength. The 5050 bracket and cover pair with a variety of our flat handle styles to ensure you get the look and strength your project requires! Discover over 100 items in Allen Field’s new product line of portable case and electronic equipment handles and hardware. To learn more, Call 800.535.0810.


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