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Automation in the Packaging Industry

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The industrial sector is seeing great advances as automation revolutionizes the way manufacturers produce and package products. The utilization of these new technologies ultimately improves productivity, reduces labor cost, and increases overall safety of the workplace. The laborious and repetitive steps required in packaging is an ideal scenario for automation applications. To meet growing demand, CMC

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Add a Splash of Color to your Summer

Custom Design + Manufacturing

Summer is filled with fun in the sun, why not order your Allen Field product’s in an eye-catching color! Custom color products unify the display of your product by tying together your product, logo, and package design. A distinctive packaging component can be the simplest way to create a display that captures customers’ attention without

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3 Vital Aspects of Packaging Design You Cannot Afford to Overlook

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Whether you are in the consumer goods, online/offline retail, electronics, or food and beverage industry, packaging design is critical to your product’s success. It intersects with nearly every aspect across your supply chain and is one of the most effective ways to communicate branding and value. At Allen Field, we know there are many elements

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National Packaging Design Day

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The packaging industry revolutionized the way we purchase products. In fact, packaging design can persuade a buyer from one brand to another. Due to packing designs important role in retail, it is no wonder why we recognize it through National Packaging Design Day.

Score a packaging victory with the Rotary Locking Clip by Allen Field!

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Looking for a sure-fire packaging win? Our Rotary Locking Clip will be a triumph for manufacturers and consumers alike! The new Rotary Locking Clip is an interlock system designed for corrugated packaging, point of sale, and industrial applications. This clip is inserted into box walls from the outside of a corrugated board via a simple

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