1112 Bracket

The 1112 pairs with a variety of post handle styles, such as 304, 350, and 401. It features a two-piece post loop construction along with rivets for assembling ease. The two large holes allow screw applications for stable mounting. In addition, this bracket comes in various finishes with nickel, brass, or black oxide plating. Please be aware that the rivet is not included when buying the bracket without the handle. To learn more about this bracket and its matching options, contact us now!


Category: Handle Hardware
Size: 1.825”(L) x 0.435”(W) x 0.63”(H)
Material: Steel, 0.05” Stock


1112-BO – Black Oxide Plated
1112-BP – Brass Plated
1112-NP – Nickel Plated


304 Handle
350 Handle
7415 Bracket
Rivet 25/32″

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