5062 Slyde Gard

Assemble vinyl handles with these large Slyde Gards! Like our 5060, the 5062 secures the handle to the spring steel insert that runs the length of the entire handle. So that you never need to worry about the handle grip sliding along the spring steel insert! This product is ideal for wider vinyl handles like our 192 Handle. It is also pairs nicely with our 5180 hardware. Download the spec sheet to see item details.


Category: Handle Hardware
Size: 1.14”(L) x 1.08”(W)
Material: Steel


5062-NP – Nickel Plated
5062-BO – Black Oxide Plated
5062-BP – Brass Plated


5060 Slyde Gard

192 Handle Bracket

5180 Bracket

PDFRequest Spec Sheet: 5062 Slyde Gard

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