50636-S Shelf Lock™ Support

Allen Field always has the right plastic shelf supports to keep your shelves secure during construction, shipping, and everyday use. The 50636-S Shelf Lock™ Support is perfect for 3/4″ thick shelves. It features a ribbed peg with a 0.20″ diameter and a 0.25″ peg length. Made with polycarbonate, this plastic bracket is lightweight yet sturdy. Stock in clear. Ask us about white, beige, and translucent.

Part #: 50636-S
Carton Weight: 20.5 lbs.
Product Dimensions: 0.20”(ø) x 0.25”(L) Ribbed Peg, for 0.75" Shelf
Carton Dimensions: 21" x 12" x 8"