7415V Bracket w/ Offset U Bar

Our 7415V bracket features two uneven post loops. With one loop slightly longer than the other, this bracket secures a handle with an offset U bar. Like our 7415, the 7415V also pairs with many post style handles, such as our 304, 350, and 401. The 7415V combines strength and aesthetics while remaining easy-to-mount. Please be aware that the rivet is not included when buying the bracket without the handle. To learn more about this bracket and its matching options, contact us now!


Category: Handle Hardware
Size: 1.92”(L) x 0.67”(W) x 0.79”(H)
Material: Steel


7415V-BP – Brass Plated w/ Offset U Bar
7415V-NP – Nickel Plated w/ Offset U Bar
7415V-BO – Black Oxide Plated w/ Offset U Bar


304 Handle
350 Handle
401 Handle
Rivet 25/32″

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