HP601D Fixed Paddle Tri-Wall Box Connecting Clip

Allen Field’s Tri-Wall Connecting Clips secure thicker corrugated boxes and allow for easy access to the box contents, fast installation, as well as swift removal. The HP601D features a deep, curved insert part to fit boxes up to 0.79” thick. Its fixed paddle pulls tight the inner and outer corrugated panels during assembly, to ensures proper fastening of the packaging.

Did you know that our box connecting clips are enhanced with the Eco-One® additives to align packaging with your sustainable business goals? Contact us to make your packaging process more efficient and environmentally friendly.


Item Name: Fixed Paddle Tri-Wall Box Connecting Clip
Size: 2.80″(W) x 2.44″(H)
Maximum Board Thickness: 0.79”
(Please note that due to flexibility in both plastic and corrugated, maximum panel thickness may be exceeded. Speak with us today with any questions you may have.)
Material: PP


HP601D – Translucent


Carton Pack/MOQ: 600 pcs/ctn.
Carton Weight: 23 lbs.


HP601W3 Tri-Wall Connecting Clip

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