BC125 Mini Rotary Single-Wall Box Connecting Clip

Designed for thinner boards, the Mini Rotary Connecting Clip accommodates 0.25″-0.31″ combined wall thicknesses. It secures two joining panels with innovative lock tabs that prevent the clip from overturning or falling off. Its fixed paddle eliminates any gap between the inner and outer corrugated boards to provide easy and proper fastening. This clip allows quick installation and removal with no additional tools needed. Simply install through the cutouts on the box and then turn the clip to lock it into place.  Need to fasten thicker walls?  The Economy Rotary Connecting Clip works for double-wall corrugated boards. Check it out!

Did you check the flute size of your packaging material before getting the clip? Download the Box Connecting Clip Selection Guide.

Allen Field is a global supplier of biodegradable packaging components. Our box connecting clips are reusable and enhanced with the Eco-One® additives, providing sustainable solutions for many applications. Contact us now to kick-start the process of making your packaging eco-friendly!


Item Name: Mini Rotary Locking Single-Wall Box Connecting Clip
Size: 2.30”(H) x 0.70″(T), 1.90″ Dia.
Board Thickness: 0.25” – 0.31″
(Please note that due to flexibility in both plastic and corrugated, maximum panel thickness may be exceeded. Speak with us today with any questions you may have.)
Material: PP


BC125 – Translucent, Black


Carton Pack/MOQ: 1000 pcs.
Carton Weight: 14 lbs.

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