Paper Handle w/ Kraft Base

These handles, crafted from premium-quality paper, are 100% natural. They come in a range of sizes and colors to cater to specific customer requirements. With the aid of automated machinery, they can be swiftly and accurately applied in high-volume production. The EnviroHandles ensure single stream recyclability in corrugated packaging.



Item Name: Paper Handle w/ Kraft Base

Size: from 100 mm x 50-60 mm to 340 mm x 50-60 mm

EnviroHandles Drawing

External Measurements:
Length C:  100 mm to 340 mm
Width B: 50 mm or 60mm

Internal Measurements:
Length A: 54 mm / 95 mm / 100 mm /110 mm
Width D: 15 mm / 20 mm

Paper Handle Measurements:
Length: Upon Request
Width E: 12 mm / 16 mm

product image

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Machine Automation Available

Looking for high-speed application of EnviroHandles? Allen Field offers machine automation opportunities for EnviroHandles.

These high-capacity, compact machines can apply up to *11,000 units per hour accurately and conistently. By automating the application of handles, you are able to save time and money by streamlining your package prodution process.

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*Automation solutions based on availability and terms. Actual production expenses may vary.

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