Pegboard Fastening Clip

Retailers want the flexibility to change hook positioning in their retail displays. Pegboard makes it possible to display merchandise everything within its grid. There is no perfect way to fasten pegboard to display with the proper backspacing until now. Welcome the Pegboard Fastening Clip!  Our clip works with a standard Christmas tree fastener. It enables free hook positioning on the pegboard display while maintaining proper backspacing for the hook fingers. The assembly is quick and easy with no tools needed. Simply insert our clips into the cut-outs on the display. Then fasten the pegboard through the front into our clips using Christmas tree fasteners. In fact, our solution also eliminates the need for bulky security bars that interfere with the overall appearance of a branded display. Samples are going fast so request yours now!

Part #: PBC-100-80
Product Dimensions: 1.63" Dia.