PP800C Dust Proof Hand Hole Protector

Our hand hole protectors protect the carrier’s hands from the sharp edges of cardboard while providing excellent support to the box cut-outs. The PP800C is one of the newest additions to this product line. The handle clip features a lightweight flexible pouch, pre-attached to one half, making installation seamless while avoiding the deformation of the dust cover. The PP800C is ideal for sealing the box contents and keeping dust, dirt, and moisture out of the package.

Our hand hole protectors shield carriers’ hands from cardboard edges while providing robust support to box cut-outs. The PP800C, our latest addition to this product line, features a lightweight, flexible pouch pre-attached to one half, ensuring seamless installation while preventing the dust cover from deforming. Ideal for sealing box contents and protecting against dust, dirt, and moisture.

Allen Field is a global supplier of biodegradable packaging components. Our plastic handles and washer plates are enhanced with the Eco-One® additives, providing more eco-friendly carrying options for many applications.


Item Name: PP800C Dust Proof Hand Hole Protector
Size: 4.75″(W) x 2.75″(H)
121.6 (mm) x 70.6 (mm)
Maximum Board Thickness: .12” Min.to .24” Max.
Material: PP


PP800C-80 – Black


Carton Pack/MOQ: 500 sets/ctn.
Carton Weight: 34 lbs.


PP906 Hand Hole Protector

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