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Welcome to Allen Field, your partner in revolutionizing packaging experiences. We specialize in supplying components that transform standard packaging into smart, user-friendly solutions. Our commitment to innovation has empowered over 20,000 customers across 58 countries.

Featuring our easy-to-open connecting clips, these versatile components exemplify our focus on making packaging more accessible and convenient, especially for bulky items like bicycles and E-bikes.

Visualize packaging that enhances the unboxing experience. Our components enable effortless lifting of the box, safeguarding the product and simplifying the user’s interaction, which is crucial for heavy and valuable items.

Watch as our top connecting clips demonstrate their dual functionality. Not only do they secure the package, but they also allow for easy opening and resealing, ensuring ongoing protection and utility.

Our design philosophy goes beyond functionality. We prioritize safety and aesthetics, ensuring that every component we provide contributes to a positive brand experience and customer satisfaction.

From protective flaps that guard against dust to ergonomic handles for easy carrying, our components are engineered with the end-user in mind, enhancing both the practicality and appeal of the packaging.

And for those heavy packages, our innovative wheel solution showcases how a single person can effortlessly handle what once required two, streamlining the handling process and redefining convenience.

This is just a glimpse of the solutions Allen Field offers. We invite package designers and product manufacturers to explore the endless possibilities with our components. Collaborate with us to elevate your packaging design. Contact us today!

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