Mobile Solutions for Heavy Packaging

Picture this: Allie is very excited to buy her new mattress. She walks into the store and finds the perfect one for her until it’s time to take it home. How? It’s too heavy. Should Allie just drag it to her car and drag it into her room? Oh, no… that could cause too much damage to the box – and even worse and injury Allie. What if there’s a simple way to solve this problem? There is. Allen Field Wheel Eze and side-mount handles are the simply brilliant solution you need to assist your customers. Now, Allie could easily wheel her mattress to her car with the Wheel-Eze and side handlesWheel-Eze is is the perfect packaging component for better mobility, so your customers don’t have to worry about any damages when moving them. Side mount handles make it easy to maneuver while remaining comfortable on the hand and protecting the carton from tear out. What’s more, our packaging components are very easy to install during assembling and packaging process. It is just simply brilliant that you can attach them to your carton box with no additional tools necessary making it easier for you and your customers to handle your products.

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