Reduce Damages from Carrying

Does your product have this problem in the retail environment? A consumer comes in they want to buy a product that has a handful somewhat heavy. They pull in, they pull of box out, and a hand hole rips. They push it back in and they carefully take the one next to it that’s not ripped and buy that one – and this one stays in the store. Allen Field has a solution for this problem so we’ve preinstalled one here as you can see.Allen Field’s hand hold protector solves the problem of tear out at retail. It provides support around the hand hole so corrugated doesn’t rip when you’re pulling. Hand holes are made to be lifted not pulled. Consumers will pull them however and we provide protection to keep the box from ripping. Two-piece protector – one piece from inside, one piece from the outside, snap together and provide protection around the hand hole, so that when it’s pulled your provide support and it won’t rip.

Your product is pivotal to the success of your business. Your packaging is a critical factor in how your product is perceived.

As customer expectations have grown over the past 75 years, Allen Field has been the leading manufacturer of proprietary- and custom-designed packaging solutions for industries worldwide. Our primary focus is turning customers’ packaging problems into viable and effective packaging solutions.We approach every project with passion, care, and an in-depth understanding of industry challenges. Our dedicated in-house team provides you a best-of-breed solution – and an optimal, value-added approach to present and protect your product.Whether it’s choosing from one of our premier lines of box clips, plastic box handles, and plastic hangers – or creating a custom solution for your product – turn to the pros at Allen Field today and let’s discuss your goals.Create the packaging solution your product deserves!

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