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7 Reasons to Choose Allen Field’s 9″ Heavy-Duty Handle for Your Packaging

9-heavy-duty-handle_WHWhen you think up concepts for your product packaging, there are various aspects that go into the brainstorming session. You want to choose the best packaging to cover your product overall. However, one packaging feature that should be carefully considered is the packaging handle. This is especially true with heavier, cumbersome items. Fortunately, Allen Field offers a plastic packaging handle that covers all your best packaging requirements and more!

Read on to learn more about the Allen Field 9” Heavy-Duty Handle and uncover 7 reasons to choose Allen Field’s 9” Heavy-Duty Handle for your packaging needs.

What is the Allen Field 9” Heavy-Duty Handle?

The Allen Field 9” Heavy-Duty Handle is a plastic carrying handle suited for your product packaging. You can attach the handle to your packaging via simple cutouts on the existing box, using a top-mount or a side-mount option. Best of all, this heavy-duty handle carries up to 100 lbs, regardless of the mounting method you choose. You can even have your company logo imprinted on the handle and have it created in any PMS color for a branding purpose. In addition, Allen Field handles are made of biodegradable components, helping you reduce your ecological footprint and make a positive impact through packaging!

Seven Reasons to Choose the Allen Field 9” Heavy-Duty Handle

Here are 7 reasons why this handle is the perfect packaging solution for your packaging project:

  1. Reliable: Not all handles are created equal. Allen Field Heavy Duty Series has set the bar for the plastic handle industry due to its durability and simplicity. These handles carry a wide array of heavy and awkward packages without breaking.
  2. Biodegradable: All Allen Field Handles are made with biodegradable additives and are more environmentally friendly compared to ordinary plastic handles.
  3. Cost-effective: This handle is an affordable, value-added packaging component that can offer huge cost and time savings throughout your supply chain.
  4. Comfortable: Allen Field provides customers with the most comfortable carrying solutions possible. This handle also ensures your product is carried properly and safely.
  5. Customizable: Order the handle color that matches your packaging or graphic design. Add your company logo to it for brand recognition purposes. It’s not just a handle!
  6. Multiple Mounting Methods: Attach the handle to your packaging in the way that works best for you. Get creative and feel free to discuss with our packaging expert about innovative ways of utilizing the handle!
  7. Carrier Friendly: This handle complies with UPS and FedEx conveyor systems.

Types of Packages This Handle Accommodates

The Allen Field 9” Heavy-Duty Handle accommodates many types of packaging. In addition to slotted or folder box styles, Allen Field also recommends an innovative sleeve box, which can efficiently simplify your assembly process.

If you need a heavy-duty plastic handle to complete your overall packaging setup, the Allen Field 9” Heavy-Duty Handle is it!

Buy the Allen Field 9” Heavy-Duty Handle for your packaging needs today!

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