7 Reasons to Choose Allen Field’s 9″ Heavy-Duty Handle for Your Packaging

9-heavy-duty-handle_WHWhen you think up concepts for your product packaging, there are various aspects that go into the brainstorming session. You want to choose the best packaging to cover your product overall. However, one packaging feature that should be carefully considered is the packaging handle. This is especially true with heavier, cumbersome items. Fortunately, Allen Field offers a plastic packaging handle that covers all your best packaging requirements and more!

Read on to learn more about the Allen Field 9” Heavy-Duty Handle and uncover 7 reasons to choose Allen Field’s 9” Heavy-Duty Handle for your packaging needs.

What is the Allen Field 9” Heavy-Duty Handle?

The Allen Field 9” Heavy-Duty Handle is a plastic carrying handle suited for your product packaging. You can attach the handle to your packaging via simple cutouts on the existing box, using a top-mount or a side-mount option. Best of all, this heavy-duty handle carries up to 100 lbs, regardless of the mounting method you choose. You can even have your company logo imprinted on the handle and have it created in any PMS color for a branding purpose. In addition, Allen Field handles are made of biodegradable components, helping you reduce your ecological footprint and make a positive impact through packaging!

Seven Reasons to Choose the Allen Field 9” Heavy-Duty Handle

Here are 7 reasons why this handle is the perfect packaging solution for your packaging project:

  1. Reliable: Not all handles are created equal. Allen Field Heavy Duty Series has set the bar for the plastic handle industry due to its durability and simplicity. These handles carry a wide array of heavy and awkward packages without breaking.
  2. Biodegradable: All Allen Field Handles are made with biodegradable additives and are more environmentally friendly compared to ordinary plastic handles.
  3. Cost-effective: This handle is an affordable, value-added packaging component that can offer huge cost and time savings throughout your supply chain.
  4. Comfortable: Allen Field provides customers with the most comfortable carrying solutions possible. This handle also ensures your product is carried properly and safely.
  5. Customizable: Order the handle color that matches your packaging or graphic design. Add your company logo to it for brand recognition purposes. It’s not just a handle!
  6. Multiple Mounting Methods: Attach the handle to your packaging in the way that works best for you. Get creative and feel free to discuss with our packaging expert about innovative ways of utilizing the handle!
  7. Carrier Friendly: This handle complies with UPS and FedEx conveyor systems.

Types of Packages This Handle Accommodates

The Allen Field 9” Heavy-Duty Handle accommodates many types of packaging. In addition to slotted or folder box styles, Allen Field also recommends an innovative sleeve box, which can efficiently simplify your assembly process.

If you need a heavy-duty plastic handle to complete your overall packaging setup, the Allen Field 9” Heavy-Duty Handle is it!

Buy the Allen Field 9” Heavy-Duty Handle for your packaging needs today!

Is Your Packaging Effective?

Your packaging represents your brand’s promise to deliver a quality product and an extraordinary experience. Effective packaging inspires purchases while also creating a ripple effect that resonates with the targeted consumers, making them emotionally attached. Equally important, a great packaging design will benefit the company as well as the environment by increasing the overall efficiency and reducing environmental impact in the long run! There are three milestones on the road to achieve effective packaging.

  1. First impression

Each product has less than 10 seconds to impress consumers. The quickest and easiest way to leave a memorable impression is with packaging. Effective packaging will catch the attention of consumers and communicate value. If you don’t want to stick to one universal design for your entire product line, try customizing the packaging components with your logo, color scheme, add a touch of sparkle to keep your product standing out among the rest.

  1. Value adding

The bottom line of packaging design, whether to be appealing or innovative, is to protect, transport, and display the packaged goods. Using the right packaging components can deliver numerous advantages that help the company achieve efficiency and lower the costs. Packaging designers and sales executives managing packaging projects tend to have more strategic objectives, such as reducing returns due to damaged packaging, providing easy access to package contents, or decreasing work related lifting injuries, etc.

  1. Sustainability

Environmental-friendly concepts are not just socially responsible but necessary to attract modern consumers. One exciting fact is that 90% of consumers reuse packaging boxes or bags at least once. Thus, recycled or recyclable materials are beneficial to both businesses and the environment. If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to impress your customer long after the purchase is made, you may consider the following:

  1. Create an easy to open, close, and reopen package
  2. Utilize packaging components that extend the life of box
  3. Use reliable recycled or bio-degradable materials in packaging design

With careful consideration of your products, users, shipping requirements, and supply chain efficiencies, you will ultimately uncover how efficient your current packaging is. Allen Field’s packaging experts are all well versed in maximizing the opportunities to utilize smart packaging components since they are a powerful tool to enhance many package designs.

Recommended Items:

The Elliptical Handle Series: One of Allen Field’s most classic handle offerings. Available from 6” to 26” in length and available in standard, custom colors, and glitter or pearl enhancements.

The Wheel Eze: Simplifies packaging process and makes displays mobile in just a few seconds. Commonly paired with handhole handles and box corner protectors to create integrated shippable display solutions.

The Value Checklist: Most of Allen Field’s packaging components can be made with biodegradable additives or 100% recycled plastics. Check out the Designer / Sales Value List to review the complex objectives and determine the scope of your packaging project.

Side Mount Handles Save the Day

Many clients add a plastic carrying handle to enhance their packaging and improve the customer experience. This often contributes to brand loyalty and increased sales. There are times, however, when the value of adding a handle is more strategic and can lead to overall cost reduction along the supply chain.  Allen Field’s side mount handle series reflects these values more than most. In addition to targeting consumer behavior, the side mount series delivers numerous advantages that lead to companies saving millions of dollars, such as: 

The common denominator throughout all of our carrying handles is to provide the most comfortable carrying solution possible.  

The PP800dust proof is our newest side mount. This handle provides the comfort of an open hand hole protector but has a flexible barrier attached that blocks out dirt and dust. It can be used on sensitive medical or electronic packaging.  

The E572 is known for its duel-position functionality. It can be twisted upright for easy lifting stacking and shipping on a skid. The ergonomic design of the grip provides extra comfort to the carrier while holding up to 125 lbs. (2 handles). This handle is used for carrying requirements in industrial settings, as well as medical equipment and more.  

PP900 series is a conventional hand hole protector. It provides comfort to the hand when carrying. This series is also popular with bulky retail packaging like furniture or plumbing products. The protector helps maintain the integrity of packaging that is often compromised when a package is pulled from a shelf.  

PP700 was developed to provide all of the features of the 900 series except it works on a range of corrugated between 0.75” – 1.25” thick.   

These are just a few of the choices in our side mount series. For the complete line we encourage you to visit our websiteChat, call, or email with our packaging professionals to ensure you make the right choice for your packaging. 

New Product Development – Material Matters!

Thermoplastic injection molding is an immensely powerful and versatile manufacturing process. Many of the consumer products that people buy and use every day are either completely injection molded or have molded components. One of the most important design considerations when creating new parts are the materials that will be used. Every thermoplastic material has its own physical and chemical properties that must be taken into account in conjunction with the type of part being created and its use. Chemical properties like stability and toxicity may be especially important in some applications, and physical properties like appearance and strength may be paramount in others. Thankfully, with the diverse number of thermoplastics on the available today there is sure to be a material that meets or exceeds your needs. Allen Field has experience and expertise with a variety of materials, including:  

 When it comes to plastics, there is never a universal solution that will fit every product. That is why selecting the right material will not only provide the perfect end user experience, it will also reduce costs and maximize material efficiency. All Allen Field products are engineered to provide you and your customers with these benefits and economical savings. If you have any questions or concerns about the materials used in our products or the new product development services we offer, please contact our team and we will be glad to help! 

Packaging Components can be Sustainable

According to EcoWatch, Americans use roughly 500 billion plastic bags and 35 billion plastic water bottles a year. Most of us have used and dropped plastic items into recycling bins, but few of us know where they go after they get picked up from the curb. Theoretically, the recycled plastic piece enters a global system, in which the material is sorted, melted, reformed, and turned into a carpet, toy, furniture, or another bottle. Sounds good, right? The reality is, less than 50% of the items in recycling bins are reused. The vast majority is accumulating in landfills or winds up in our oceans. Fortunately, some companies and organizations are working together to change that statistic, and Allen Field is one of them.

In terms of sustainability, we are always seeking sustainably sourced and plant-based materials from trusted suppliers. In fact, 15%-20% of our packaging components contain recycled plastic; a wide variety of our products can be made with 100% recycled materials. One of our best-selling hooks, the Euro Hook, offers a clean solution to reduce footprint on the environment for our customers. 2020 is the year we take another step forward to testing more materials, such as ocean recycled plastics. We are looking forward to using these eco-friendly materials to add even more value to our innovative line of plastic packaging components.

At Allen Field, we are proud of our zero-waste business practices. We reuse excess plastic during the production process in our facilities. Our handles, box clips, and display accessories are frequently used more than once and nearly all the products have a bio-degradable additive that aids in decomposition. That’s why our customers are encouraged to develop reuse programs and can feel safe to dispose the products when they reach the end of the lifecycle.

Being in the plastic manufacturing industry gives us a great opportunity to make a difference. To learn more about our sustainable goals and business practices, please visit our Environment Responsibility page.



Allen Field provides critical components for various industries that are deemed essential during this time. We remain open and operating to best serve these customers.

Our office and warehouses remain open and are fully operational. We are working closely with our supply partners to ensure minimal impact on our supply chain. Our product inventory remains at normal levels. Our customer service and order processing team is working hard to ensure that all customer orders are processed on a timely basis and that we continue to provide world class customer service.

We are continuously monitoring and assessing the current situation and responding appropriately as it evolves. We are implementing certain virus-mitigating actions to reduce the potential for transmission including restricting travel, initiating teleworking, implementing hygiene protocols, and social distancing.

We thank you for your support and, above all, please stay safe.

Sweet Dreams are Made of This…Wheels

The furniture and home décor industries have undergone a seismic shift in the past few years as online retailers and direct-to-consumer brands grow at record paces. In particular, mattress companies are seeing substantial growth when it comes to their “bed in a box” products. There are now more than 175 bed-in-a-box brands and they are all looking to smart packaging to set their product apart. For a large product like a mattress, a critical packaging challenge is ease and convenience. Bed in a box is delivered direct to the consumer, with an average weight between 50 and 150 lbs. This means consumers must navigate a heavy and awkward sized box up stairways, through rooms, and all the way to their desired location. This demands easy and simple mobility. 

The designers here at Allen Field built a solution to deliver reliable mobility that works with a wide range of carton dimensions and weights. By utilizing both our innovative rolling system and open handhole handles, it is easier than ever to maneuver a bed-in-a-box product. The Wheel Eze system, comprised of a base and wheel, enables the movement of heavy and irregular shaped containers. A set of two wheels accommodates up to 100 lbs. Ofweight. Check out this video to see just how easy the wheels are installed to mobilize your product! The Open Handhole Handles are designed to support the handholes of a corrugated box and protect the carrier’s hands from any sharp and uncomfortable edges of the cardboard during transportation. A full line of handhole protectors is available to accommodate various cardboard thicknesses.  

Sometimes, the consumers first interaction with their bed-in-a-box is when it is delivered to their door. Make this initial interaction simple and convenient. Allen Field’s packaging solutions make mattress packaging easy to move and comfortable to maneuver into position. Ultimately, bring an unparalleled delivery experience that sets your brand apart from the competition. To learn more about Allen Field’s packaging products for the furniture and homedécor industries, speak with a specialist today by calling 800-535-0810 or emailing info@allenfield.com 


Packaging Innovation at West Pack and Pack Expo East

It was great to see so many familiar and new faces at the West Pack show in Anaheim. The strong growth in packaging is exciting and we look forward to meeting the evolving challenges in the packaging industry.

It is clear that the American packaging industry is booming with opportunities to integrate automation and robotics. According to PMMI, the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, the estimated sales of industrial robots is $3.5 billion in North America. The escalating demands for technologies include EOAT (End of Arm Tooling, or gripping technology), Cobots, easy programming, easy set-up, flexibility, and artificial intelligence. (source: https://pmmi.docsend.com/view/6865qy3) At Allen Field, we are already developing packaging solutions to meet these evolving demands.

We will be exhibiting our newest packaging components at Pack Expo East in Philadelphia, March 3-5! Our engineering team is finalizing a plastic handle that can be employed on a fully automated production line. This handle can be fed to a robot with one or multiple gripping arms or it can be installed manually for hybrid assembly processes. At the Expo, Allen Field’s packaging specialists are going to demonstrate this exciting new product!

Interested in Allen Field’s new packaging components? Visit our booth at #2411 at the Pack Expo East, March 3-5, 2020. Don’t forget to use the promo code 64P84 to take advantage of complimentary admission! To learn more about Allen Field and request samples, click here or email info@allenfield.com.

West Pack 2020 Preview – See You in California!

If you are passionate about packaging innovation, you must attend the 2020 West Pack trade show in Anaheim, California! On February 11th, West Coast’s largest packaging event will kick-off! Meet Allen Field’s packaging experts at booth #5321 to learn and explore our various packaging solutions! Here are a few items that are new to West Pack and be sure to request samples before the show!

Pegboard Fastening Clip

Pegboard displays are versatile retail solutions. With the freedom to move the display layout, your corrugated must be designed with variability in mind. Don’t forget to use the Pegboard Fastening Clip! This innovative display accessory works in unison with a standard Christmas tree fastener to maintain proper backspacing for the hook fingers every time. The clip is easy to install with no tools needed. Order now!

PP905 Open Hand Hold HandleProtect the die cut and the carrier’s hands by using a hand hole protector. For corrugated up to 0.2” in thickness, the PP905 is the ideal solution. This hand hole protector provides reliable support to single-wall corrugated boards through simple and quick installation. Be sure to request the die-cut dimensions to design your package right the first time! Don’t forget to check out the PP905 at Booth  #5321.

Mini Side Mount Handle

Entice consumers to pick up and purchase your product with this new handle! The Mini Side Mount Handle is small and sleek, making it ideal for small packages weighing less than 1 pound. Simply insert the handle’s self-locking feet through two holes on the package and carry the product with confidence and ease.

Hang Eze Micro II Display Hook

Perhaps you are familiar with the Hang Eze Micro Hook. We are excited to introduce the next generation, the Micro II. West Pack attendees will be among the first to see this hook which now holds thicker header cards. Consumers are more likely to buy items that are easy to find, so make sure your displays are organized by utilizing our Micro II hook.


We can’t wait to see you in Anaheim between February 11-13, 2020. Register now with promo code SPECIAL to take advantage of free admission and to save 20% on conference fees!


2019 in Review

This past year has been filled with numerous challenges and successes here at Allen Field!

In January, the Double Tab Header Hook was introduced. This hook adds an additional tab to secure heavier products on various rod sizes. Install in just one second and hold up to 5 lbs. firmly.

During West Pack in February, Allen Field unveiled the newest addition in the Hang Tab series—the Super Duty Hang Tab. Featuring superior strength by optimal material selection and increased weight capacity of 20 lbs.! This hang tab functions in two positions for both shipping convenience and display readiness.

In March, we launched the Pegboard Fastener Clip for POP displays! This innovative display component allows display designers and assemblers to freely position the product hooks. Maintaining proper backspacing between the pegboard and the display frame keeps your display looking new and appealing, while also lengthening the life of the display.

At the beginning of summer, we introduced two light-weighted packaging components. First, the Mini Side Mount Handle and then the PP905 Handhole Handle. Big packaging & shipping problems were addressed by utilizing small packaging solutions.

August saw our biggest sales event ever! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on our upcoming discounts and promotions. We also added two perfectly sized hangers to the Specialty Hanger series to ensure we carry the right solution for your product.

To coincide with our appearance at Pack Expo, the Strap Lock Handle was announced. This handle is made with strong materials, boasting an impressive carrying capacity of 80 lbs.!

After summer, Allen Field rolled out numerous packaging solutions to better serve our customers! First, we redesigned the Hang Eze Micro II to hold thicker header cards. Next, we changed the Dust Pouch of the PP800 to improve the carrying experience for users. Then, the newest Display Hook with a label holder was announced in October. It not only holds the merchandise but also creates eye-catching front space to show off important brand and product information.

As the holidays approached, we went back to the classics and updated the PP606 with a strategic flange corner and released the Partition Connector with Adhesive into the market. We are looking forward to the upcoming West Pack 2020. Make sure you stop by our booth (#5321) at the show to check out all the exciting products!

2019 was a remarkable year of growth. We extended our product lines to include portable case and electronic equipment handles and hardware for industrial carrying cases, musical equipment cases, and wooden furniture. In addition to over 100 new items, we pride ourselves on our flexibility to provide custom colors, sizes, finishes, and product combinations. Although our ambition keeps growing, our values remain the same. We will continue to serve you and your packaging, shipping, and display needs, and always deliver the finest products from our hands to yours.

Thank you for trusting us with your packaging challenges. The entire team at Allen Field wishes you a wonderful holiday season!

Community Values: Allen Field Co. Gives Back in 2019

Allen Field Company is proud to support the communities that we live and work in. During 2019, we took part in numerous events and below is a summary of some. We share our stories and experiences with the hope of inspiring others!

DonorsChoose.org is a United States–based nonprofit organization that enables individuals to donate directly to public school classroom projects. This year, we helped the teachers from Brentwood North Middle School to give their students the supplies, workbooks, and novels that they needed throughout the school year. The project was fully funded in only a few weeks and all the school supplies were delivered to the classroom before the beginning of the fall semester.

United Way’s Imagination Library helps underprivileged children get a head start on reading before they reach Kindergarten by sending them one book a month from when they are born until 5 years old. In September, Allen Field Co., represented by Rob Ahearn, participated the Fruit of the Loom’s yearly charity golf tournament and helped to raise over $56,200 for the program.

The-inn.org is the largest private social service agency of its kind on Long Island. It provides a broad variety of essential services to assist those challenged by hunger, homelessness, and profound poverty. The team from Allen Field Co. collected non-perishable food items and donated to the INN by participating in the 2019 Nassau County 5K Turkey Trot held in November. Together with over 700 adult runners and kids, we showed our support for our community while enjoying the fun run!

We are thankful for every employee and partner that makes our goal of giving back a success. As a community-minded company, Allen Field is constantly implementing sustainable business to provide customers with conscientious solutions throughout the supply chain. If you would like to partner with us to further these causes, please contact us today!

Happy Thanksgiving!

You Can’t Afford to Pass Up the Benefits of Prototyping!

Engineers utilize many tools in order to conceptualize a product that is attractive and functional. Advanced software and rapid prototyping are key technologies that help designers save time and money. The widespread availability of specialized design and simulation software in conjunction with 3D printing has led to products getting to market faster with fewer design defects and lower development costs.

3D computer-aided design software has become commonplace, thus enabling engineers to directly create their ideas in a virtual environment. Modern CAD software has advanced beyond simple modeling and now integrates manufacturing simulation, finite element stress analysis, rendering tools, drawing tools, and animated motion analysis abilities. Field specific to plastic injection molding, there are specialized programs to simulate part and mold design to anticipate defects and abnormalities. Draft angle requirement, part thickness, feature replication, plastic flow, shrinkage, and much more can all be evaluated before the design is taken out of the digital space. Modeling software can optimize designs through iteration for perfect product replication in high volume manufacturing.

Once digital optimization has taken place, realizing a physical object is equally as crucial. The “feel” of a product is very important and virtually impossible to replicate in software, but 3D printing bridges the gap. Eliminating the need for premature and costly tooling, 3D printing enables product designers to analyze the ergonomics and integrate a 3D prototype into other components for a comprehensive analysis. Any changes that may be needed can be quickly updated and a new 3D prototype can be printed immediately. Once the print is initiated, the 3D printers are completely autonomous; freeing up the designer’s time to multi-task! Moreover, advances in additive manufacturing have enabled highly accurate prints to be created in a wide array of materials.

After tooling is made it can be very expensive to make alterations if the desired alteration is even possible. By using rapid prototyping and similar advanced design techniques, you can drastically lessen the possibility of major and costly alterations or redesigns. Thus, eliminating redundant costs, saving time, and capitalizing on the efficiency of your resources.

At Allen Field, we utilize all these tools to create high-quality custom injection molded parts for our customers. With over 30 years of custom design experience, Allen Field delivers superior service at every stage of the design process from inception to prototyping to sourcing materials. We will work with you to find something in our product line that fits your needs, or we will create a unique solution just for your application. Contact us today to speak with one of our product experts and learn what Allen Field can do for you!

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