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Allen Field revolutionizes snap hangers!

What was once an idea that was ahead of its time—the snap hanger—is now almost passé. The snap buttons have proven to be unreliable, often failing to hold the clothes in place. But our new snap feature comes with a groove on the upper arm, which tightly holds the lower arm and allows the clothes to remain on the hanger.

Our new snap hanger comes in a variety of colors—including crystal clear and transparent—and is perfect for hanging many items, including table cloths and hand towels. And we’re just getting started! We’re taking this new design and applying it to everything in our snap family. To learn how we can enhance your display racks, contact us today at (613) 756-0810 and let us know what you need!

Allen Field is eager to assist you with all of your other packaging design needs as well, and to provide you an attractive and cost-effective way to display the products you sell. To learn more about Allen Field, contact us here!

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