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April 2024

Efficient Pick-and-Pack with Reusable Box Flap Clips

Explore Reusable Box Flap Clips in this edition of the Allen Field Simply Brilliant newsletter

April 2024

Efficient Pick-and-Pack Process

Explore Reusable Box Flap Clips

Are you tired of struggling with old-school methods to keep your corrugated boxes open or closed during operations or in storage? Allen Field has the solution with our range of innovative box flap clips. These packaging components are designed to streamline your pick-and-pack operations and optimize your packaging processes.


Check out our video to see it in action

at a warehouse workstation

10588 Box Flap Closure

Say goodbye to tape and staples! Introducing the 10588 Box Flap Closure – your ticket to smooth packing, unpacking, and repacking of corrugated boxes. This ingenious gadget not only saves you time and resources but also aligns with your sustainability and reusability goals by reducing waste and preventing box damage. Perfect for warehouses, fulfillment centers, or even your home storage needs.

10633 Open Flap Clip

Unlike the 10588 Flap Closure, our 10633 Open Flap Clip is designed specifically to keep box flaps open during product picking. This simple yet effective tool optimizes workflow and reduces manual labor in your pick-and-pack operations. Ideal for warehouses and fulfillment centers, the 10633 Open Flap Clip ensures easy access to your container without the hassle of constantly holding box flaps open. Experience the convenience and boost productivity – add the 10633 to your inventory toolkit! 

Watch our video to see the clip in action

Whether you need a minor tweak to an existing project or a revolutionary solution for a new challenge, Allen Field’s custom design and manufacturing capabilities ensure your needs are met with precision and efficiency.

Cart-Snap Box Flap Clip
(A Custom Product)

When your packaging needs call for more than standard stock items, Allen Field has you covered with custom solutions like the Cart-Snap Box Flap Clip. This clip is designed to keep the flaps of a shipping carton open during the picking and packing process. Its cart snap feature allows the clip to securely attach to the picking / packing cart when not in use, preventing it from getting lost and ensuring it’s readily available to the picker-packer when needed.



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