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August / September 2023 Special Edition

Allen Field Introduces Kraft Components

Allen Field's Simply Brilliant Kraft Components, providing carrying & hanging solutions designed for Single-Stream Recycling

Special Edition II

Carrying & Hanging Solutions
Designed for
Single-Stream Recycling

Single-stream recycling streamlines the recycling process by allowing all recyclable materials to be placed in a single container. This not only increases participation rates in recycling programs but also eliminates the need to separate packaging components from boxes. At Allen Field, we are excited to introduce our innovative line of Kraft Components, offering handles, washer plates, hooks, hangers, and more. These products are created using 100% natural materials such as Kraft paper, fabric, and bamboo. Turn your single-stream packaging aspirations into reality with Allen Field’s Kraft Component series!

Key Benefits


  • Streamlined Recycling. Kraft Components seamlessly integrate into corrugated packaging, eliminating the need for separation from boxes or displays during recycling.
  • Eco-Conscious Materials. Composed of 100% sustainable, natural materials like recycled paper, bamboo, and fabric, Kraft Components actively reduce waste.
  • Cost-Effective Installation. Kraft Components are easy to assemble, offering time and cost savings throughout your product’s life cycle.
  • Versatile Capacities. With a wide range of styles, colors, and capacities, Kraft Components cater to the diverse needs of your packaging designs.
  • Sleek Profile. Designed to minimize package thickness, Kraft Components simplify storage and palletization.


The Eco-Friendly,  Ergonomic, and Efficient
Carrying Solution

EnviroHandles are ideal for a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, e-commerce, and retail. They have proven their success in various applications such as bag-in-box packaging, detergent and pet litter boxes, reusable shopping bags, shipping boxes, takeout containers, and more. Explore our wide selection of handles made from recycled paper, bamboo, and fabric, available in an array of styles and colors. This choice will seamlessly transform your packaging into a fully sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates on additional Kraft Components!

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