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February 2024

Bamboo Brilliance: Experiencing Eco-Friendly Elegance

Discover sustainable solutions for carrying and hanging your products with Allen Field's latest Kraft Components.

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February 2024

Bamboo Brilliance

Experiencing Eco-Friendly Elegance

Discover sustainable solutions for carrying and hanging your products with Allen Field’s latest Kraft Components. Our holistic lineup now includes the T Bamboo Handle, crafted from premium bamboo fiber with 100% natural origins. Paired with our Kraft T Support Plate, made from all-natural paper, this dynamic duo is designed to assist you in reaching your sustainability objectives, reducing your environmental impact.

At Allen Field, we take pride in presenting our extensive Kraft Components line, which includes EnviroHandles, Kraft handle support plates, and all-natural hooks and hangers. Explore these eco-friendly options for your packaging needs today.

More Benefits of Using Bamboo in Packaging

1. Reliable Strength and Durability

2. Minimal Environmental Impact

3. Aligns with an Eco-conscious Brand Image

4. Aesthetic Allure

Bamboo provides packaging designers with a sustainable alternative, boasting exceptional renewability, reusability, and biodegradability. Allen Field’s EnviroHandles reflect our commitment to this eco-friendly revolution.

Save the Date

March 18-20, 2024 | Philadelphia, PA
Discover packaging excellence with Allen Field at booth# 738.
Use promo code 86D73 for a complimentary registration.

On the Drawing Board

Our engineering team is putting the finishing touches on a new belt hanger designed to ensure the organized display of your belts while leaving a lasting impression on your clients. The spacious top area offers ample room for incorporating your logo. 

Pawsitively Adorable News Alert!

One of our team members has a delightful new addition with paws and a wagging tail — a corgi pup who’s already stealing hearts in the office. In the spirit of unleashing cuteness, we’re inviting you to virtually meet our new office heartthrob.

At Allen Field, our focus extends beyond the work desk to include wagging tails and spontaneous smiles. As we navigate the daily hustle, these moments of puppy love remind us to find joy in the little things. Keep an eye out for more updates brimming with tail-wagging charm and delightful moments. Until then, let the treats keep coming and the good vibes rolling!

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