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January 2024 Special Edition

Allen Field's Innovations Impact on Bicycle Packaging

Unlock the potential of reusable packaging for both manufacturers and consumers.

January 2024 Special Edition

Redefining the Ride

Allen Field’s Innovative Impact on

Bicycle Packaging

For over 75 years, Allen Field has been at the forefront of meeting evolving customer expectations, serving as the trusted partner for enhancing packaging solutions. Our commitment to addressing both common and uncommon packaging challenges with ingenuity while ensuring ease of use has made us the go-to choice for the industry. Discover how Allen Field’s Box Connecting Clips and Plastic Handles are revolutionizing packaging processes, as demonstrated by an inspiring success story.

Challenges Addressed

1. Cumbersome Handling of Large Irregular Boxes

2. Labor-Intensive Assembly Process

3. Poor Unboxing Experience

4. Excessive Waste and Non-reusability

Results Achieved

1. Allen Field’s components facilitated the design of a telescoping-style tray and sleeve for handling large and irregular boxes.
2. The use of our box connecting clips enhanced production efficiency, minimizing labor requirements, and reducing lead times.

3. Improved user experience during unboxing significantly boosted brand recognition for the manufacturer.

4. Our packaging solution reduced waste and enhanced reusability, positively impacting the brand’s image.

What are the Benefits of a
Reusable, Easy-to-Open Bike Box?

Unlock the potential of reusable packaging for both manufacturers and consumers. Explore how Allen Field can elevate your packaging to new heights of sustainability and efficiency.

Save the Date

February 6-8, 2024 | Anaheim, CA
Discover packaging excellence with Allen Field at booth# 5511.
Use promo code 5511 for a complimentary expo pass and enjoy a 20% discount on a 2-day conference pass.

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