March 2022



Packaging Components with Ergonomic Design in Mind

Lifting and carrying heavy or awkwardly shaped packaging can be uncomfortable, even dangerous. There are guidelines on how to lift and carry with proper posture and carrying points. A strategically placed carrying solution from Allen Field can encourage proper package handling and potentially reduce injuries from improper lifting. This is especially important in the workplace where lifting injuries account for the most Workman’s Compensation claims. Additionally, our handles are designed to provide protection from open corrugated edges and generally a more comfortable carrying experience. 

At Allen Field, we understand that maintaining the delicate balance between ergonomics and functionality can be difficult. Below are several packaging components with ergonomic features that help make your packaging design a success.

Swivel Handle Series 

Allen Field’s swivel handles are designed to offer carrying ease to the users. The new style Swivel II  features an innovative locking mechanism that streamlines the assembly process while offering comfortable carrying for packages up to 45 lbs.

Curva Handle

This plastic handle is designed with a curve that fits the natural shape of your hand, yielding an easier grasp. We recommend using the Curva Washer Plate when carry 10 lbs. or more.

PP906 Handhole Handle

The PP906 protects the carrier’s hands from the sharp, uncomfortable cardboard edges while minimizing damages to the package from holding. This easy-to-install handle works up to .32″ board thickness.

PP901 Protective Hand Hole Clip

The PP901 clips connect two corrugated panels, creating easy- to-carry packaging with protective hand holes. The interlock system makes access and removal of the box content faster and easier while the hatch helps keep debris away during assembly and transportation. Watch this video to see how the PP901 makes packaging and carrying a heavy and large product a breeze!

Side Mount Twist Handle

This two-part handle is a must-have to transport goods in and out of your storeroom! It functions in two positions: Twist it upright for lifting, and twist it in the down position for shipping and stacking. The ergonomic grip provides extra comfort to the user’s hands while holding up to 125 lbs. An extended handle length is also available for carrying larger boxes.


April 12-14, 2022

Anaheim, CA

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71 Lock

Our engineering team has updated this square latch lock with a flush-fit design! This minimal height lock provides a perfect solution for smaller mounting surfaces. Use this lock to secure your product with a key and create a modern look for your case. Call 800-535-0810 to order.



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