September 2019

2019 Summer Sale

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15% Off on the Standard Handle (White)

The 2019 summer sale at Allen Field will end soon! Order now to save on selected plastic handles, hangers, and woodworking specialties! We offer the largest selection of high-quality Standard & Heavy Duty Handles, which enhance the look and performance of your packaging without requiring a complete redesign. The White 6” Standard Handle carries 15 lbs. Its flat profile and classic color have withstood the test of time. Buy now to save 15% on this handle. To learn more about sale products, contact us today!



The Base Skid Joint – PP400WL

Pallets are solid and rigid, in order to arrive at the destination without damage they need to be properly packed and loaded. Allen Field’s PP400WL is a skid joint clip that fastens a large corrugated box to the pallet without the need for strapping. Staple or nail the base of the clip to the skid and then secure the clip through a simple die cut on the corrugated box. This clip prevents any shifting during transport while offering unlimited access to the box content for inspection purposes. Use this smart component to change the way you transport your package!



Important Update on the PP800

Allen Field’s Hand Hole Handles protect the carrier’s hands from contact with the sharp edges of cardboard while providing excellent support to the cut-outs. Some handles also seal the box content to keep dust, dirt, and moisture out of the package. Our engineering team has updated the original PP800. The new design features a lightweight flexible pouch, pre-attached to one half of the PP800, making installation seamless while avoiding deformation of the dust cover. If you would like to be notified when the new samples are available, simply fill out a request form with the “Notify Me” button!


72 Catch

Metal locks and catches are widely used to secure trunks, equipment boxes, musical instrument and other cases. The 72 Catch is a round luggage catch that creates a tight, secure closing to your product. Simply mount with four rivets or screws, this product is strong and dependable. To learn more about Allen Field’s portable case and electronic equipment handles and hardware, call today at 800.535.0810.



Register with Code 83T42

You may have seen Allen Field exhibiting at other trade shows, but we are constantly adding new items to our product lines. Pegboard Fastening Clip, Display Caster, Super Duty Handle, and many more new products will be introduced to the Pack Expo attendees for the very first time! Don’t miss the opportunity to speak with Allen Field’s packaging experts at the Pack Expo. We look forward to meeting you at booth # 8406!

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