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October 2023

Allenfield's Eco-Friendly, End-User Friendly, and Economically Friendly EnviroHandles

Allenfield's line of EnviroHandles elevate packaging to become a 100% sustainable solution.

October 2023


End-User Friendly
Economically Friendly

Carrying Solution

Allen Field empowers our customers to revolutionize their current packaging into a 100% sustainable solution. Choose from a wide range of handles made from all-natural materials like recycled paper, cotton, and bamboo. These handles are available in various sizes and colors, perfectly complementing your product’s packaging while respecting its environmental impact. Need fast application? Ask us about machine automation for EnviroHandles!
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Snap-On Bottle Neck Handle

Allen Field specializes in designing and manufacturing plastic components that enhance value by providing cost-effective and efficient solutions, not only for corrugated packaging but also for a range of applications.

Introducing another innovation: the Snap-On Bottle Neck Handle for plastic beverage bottles. This handle is designed to perfectly fit the 48mm bottle neck, providing robust carrying capability while ensuring user comfort during transport and pouring. Additionally, this product will soon be available in a smaller size and in custom colors upon request.

The Simply Brilliant Blog

Embark on a journey of wonder as we delve into the art of unboxing experiences in our latest blog post. Discover how strategically designed packaging can forge unbreakable bonds with customers worldwide. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find:
1. Mesmerizing Package Design
2. Protecting the Product Within
3. Unboxing With Ease
4. Branding Beyond the Box
5. A Greener Future

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