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Package Design Needs To Be Careful and Thorough

Package design is always on the mind of marketing professionals. The road from idea to reality is rarely an easy one, though, as Peter Zeiss discusses in the November issue of Packaging World.

Packaging design is most often compromised by the increasingly shortened time frame in which products must be launched and the amount of time that is spent on marketing, pricing and promotional strategies. Packaging strategy is often ignored until it is too late and until marketers realize they can’t rush through the package design process.

But packaging design is pivotal to the success of a product and must be treated as seriously as every other element of the product launch process. Marketers who begin planning packaging design as soon as the launch process begins will yield benefits in both the short- and long-term. Not only will the design be one of which everyone can be proud, but packaging design is far more likely to grab the attention of consumers when it has been carefully planned and implemented.

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