Belt Hangers & Tie Riders

Our wide range of belt and plastic tie hangers is offered in various sizes and colors to provide our customers with exceptional durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. Belt Hangers keep belts neat and orderly on display racks. Neck tie hangers offer a secure and professional way to showcase your products in the retail stores.

Chain Belt Locking Hanger

Product Dimensions: 0.83" (W) x 5.70" (H)
MOQ (Carton Qty): 3000

Rectangle Belt Hanger

Carton Weight: 27 lbs.
Product Dimensions: 2.00" (W) x 6.00" (L)
MOQ (Carton Qty): 3000

Oval Belt Hanger

Carton Weight: 25 lbs.
Product Dimensions: 1.75" (W) x 5.875" (H)
MOQ (Carton Qty): 3000

Large Belt Hanger

Product Dimensions: 1.42"(W) x 5.35"(L)
MOQ (Carton Qty): 3000

Utility Belt Hanger

Product Dimensions: 2.06"(W) x 6.375"(H)
MOQ (Carton Qty): 3000

Large Tie Rider

Product dimensions: 3.50"(L) x 3.50"(W)
MOQ (Carton Qty): 1500

10″ Plastic Display Hanger Strip Coordinate

Carton Weight: 32 lbs.
Product dimensions: 10"(L) x 1"(W)
MOQ (Carton Qty): 2500

Small Belt Hanger

Carton Weight: 21 lbs.
Product Dimensions: 0.90"(W) X 4.87"(H)
MOQ (Carton Qty): 3000

#200 Belt / Tie Rider

Carton Weight: 32 lbs.
Product dimensions: 2.92"(L) x 2.00"(W)
MOQ (Carton Qty): 3000

Neck Tie Rider 3000

MOQ (Carton Qty): 3000