Specialty Clips

AllenĀ  Field offers a variety of box connecting clips and packaging accessories. The plastic packaging supplies allow you to create the most efficient and user-friendly packages. Don’t settle for strapping or tape, utilize smart packaging clips to create a sleek and clean design, without breaking your project budget. The Specialty series is home to some of our most sophisticated products.

Rotary Locking Clip

Max Board Thickness: 0.35"
MOQ (Carton Qty): 250

Economy Rotary Connecting Clip

Max Board Thickness: 0.53"
MOQ (Carton Qty): 1000

Box Flap Closure

MOQ (Carton Qty): 1000

Tamper-Evident Bag Tag Clip

Product Dimensions: Label Area: 4.25"(L) x 2.18"(W)
MOQ (Carton Qty): 1000

Plastic Top Corner (5mm)

Max Board Thickness: 0.20"
MOQ (Carton Qty): 910

Plastic Top Corner (10mm)

Max Board Thickness: 0.40"
MOQ (Carton Qty): 800