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Category Focus – Self-Ready Packaging (SRP)

Point of sales can no longer afford to ignore the category of Self-Ready Packaging (SRP), with more and more brands coming to the realize how effective it can be. Historically, retailers haven’t put much effort into SRP, but the tides are quickly changing.

In the past several months, corrugated boxes have been placed in supermarkets throughout the nation due to its ability to increase sales and add greater proficiencies in the supply chain cycle. With the development of print technology, retailers are flocking towards the power of SRP to sell out products faster than ever. These new digital print techniques can act as a segue way to more promotional tools, allowing regional messaging and personalization on SRP boxes to further drive sales.

SRP doesn’t come without its challenges, however. In order to maximize the effectiveness of this burgeoning new category focus, brands have to find solutions to key challenges like its historic image problem, finding a balance between look and functionality and some corrugated color printing challenges.

There’s a stereotype attached to SRP that has developed due to years of being a neglected category focus for retailers. By getting the word out about its proven success, SRP’s image might see a turnaround.

The industry also needs to find a solution for the packaging standing out but remaining functional and effective. Altering the design too much might hinder employees’ productivity, so retailers need to be mindful of striking a perfect balance between look and functionality.

Lastly, corrugated color printing challenges are the least of SRP’s challenges thanks to the increasing improvement in printing technology but the challenge still remains that printing onto corrugated boxes can cause color inconsistency issues.

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