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Unveiling the Challenges of Strapping in Packaging

While strapping can be a useful tool for securing and stabilizing packages, there are certain drawbacks and potential detriments to its use in packaging, particularly for heavy or awkward items:

  1. Damage to Contents: If the strapping is excessively tight or improperly applied, it can exert undue pressure on the packaged item, leading to damage. Delicate or fragile items may experience deformation, dents, or even breakage.
  2. Abrasion and Wear: During transit, strapping can rub against the packaged item or other surfaces, potentially causing abrasions, scratches, or surface damage.
  3. Complexity of Application: Proper strapping application demands a certain level of skill, experience, and consistency. Incorrectly done strapping may fail to secure the item effectively or interfere with package movement throughout the supply chain.
  4. Handling Difficulties: Heavier or awkward items often require multiple straps and careful balancing for stability. This complexity can prolong the handling and loading process. Manual lifting and handling can result in various types of injuries, including lacerations, repetitive motion, and lifting-related injuries. Allen Field offers solutions to facilitate the carrying of strapped boxes.
  5. Difficult Opening: Opening a box secured with strapping necessitates a sharp tool, usually box cutters, knives, or other bladed instruments. These tools can potentially pose risks to the user. In cases where tools are not available, the challenge of opening the box becomes even more pronounced.
  6. Reclosing the Box:  In many instances, the contents inside the box may need to be accessed multiple times along the supply chain to its destination. This includes inspection, work in process, rework, returns, and more.
  7. Environmental Impact: Strapping waste can be challenging to contain and manage within recycling streams.
  8. Lack of Reusability: Once a package with strapping is opened, it’s inherently no longer reusable without the addition of new materials to secure it.

To mitigate these potential issues, it’s important to carefully assess the specific needs of your packaging situation and consider alternative or supplementary methods.

Allen Field’s line of Box Connecting Clips provides multiple options to eliminate the need for strapping. A packaging strategy utilizing Allen Field’s box connecting clips helps maintain package integrity throughout the supply chain.

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