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Use QR codes and interactive packaging to promote your product!

For all intents and purposes, interactive packaging is as old as the shipping industry itself. After all, since the dawn of time, companies have wanted to make their packaging as attractive and friendly-looking as possible in hopes of enticing customers to spend their hard-earned money on the product inside.

But interactive packaging has reached an entirely new dimension thanks to QR codes, which have quickly become an inescapable part of everyday life. Just about everywhere you go, you’ll see products with QR codes, which can be scanned with smartphones and instantly link the consumer to the Internet where he or she can browse online ads, promotional videos and stories about the product and the company behind it.

This is the best way for a company to promote itself—instantaneous and inexpensive. In just a few seconds, a customer can know plenty about the items for which he or she is shopping. This type of interactive packaging helps companies build a myriad of connections with consumers while also bolstering their mobile marketing strategies, which is a vital and ever-growing revenue stream for companies of all sizes.

Allen Field is eager to help you design and implement your QR interactive packaging plans! For more on Allen Field and how we can assist with your design and packaging needs, visit contact us here!

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