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3 Vital Aspects of Packaging Design You Cannot Afford to Overlook

Whether you are in the consumer goods, online/offline retail, electronics, or food and beverage industry, packaging design is critical to your product’s success. It intersects with nearly every aspect across your supply chain and is one of the most effective ways to communicate branding and value. At Allen Field, we know there are many elements of packaging design that transcend industry boundaries. Over the years, Allen Field has mastered these universal packaging truths, enabling us to offer unparalleled packaging solutions that meet your exact project specifications, whether it be simple or custom and complex. We continue to be successful because we have mastered three vital aspects of packaging design:

1. Component Development

When an off-the-shelf component does not exist or meet your project specifications, our packaging designers take your requirements and create a solution that will work better, cost less, and drive your sales. We are constantly refining and enhancing our products to accommodate project needs and market trends. Inquire today to begin utilizing the experience of our team to quickly transform your vision from a concept to a reality.

Benefits include:

  • Collaborative consultation and reviews with key stakeholders to achieve all criteria
  • In-house 3D rendering
  • Exceptional design and development that ensure performance of product
  • Superior project management from conception to delivery
  • Continuous inventory management and product life-cycle management

2. Optimize cost-effectiveness without compromising quality

Unfortunately, many products are rushed into the market without determining latent costs and supply chain effectiveness. This is due to the reality that many businesses cannot afford, the money or time, to test and redesign their packaging every season or even every year. Allen Field excels at accommodating companies looking to find the best packaging solution, while also saving them time and money. Whether it is a small tweak to an existing component, a completely different material, or help with sourcing, we are not simply seeking the most economical option, we are looking across the entire supply chain to optimize cost-effectiveness and deliver sustainable improvements.

3. Value-Added Branding

In today’s fast-paced marketplace, packaging is one of the most effective tools in communicating the value of your product. Our packaging components add-value to your products by keeping your products neatly and securely displayed in stores. No one wants to pick through a messy display and you really never have to when your competitor is just across the aisle. Whether you need to hang, hold, stack, clip, support, protect, or carry a product, Allen Field can provide a component to keep your display in ideal shopping condition. Over the years, we have designed and developed a variety of POP display solutions, from hook hangers to in-store display units, to meet just about any and every business objective.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the video below, in which Allen Field was identified as one of the game-changing companies that exhibited at Pack Expo Las Vegas this past September!

Allen Field is proud to be a recognized leader in the packaging industry for our design, manufacturing, and sourcing capabilities. Check out our case studies, which highlight some of our quality packaging and transportation solutions. Stay up to date with the lasted product developments by signing up for our newsletter by clicking here!

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