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As we approach the holiday shopping season, we are reminded how imperative it is that a product be easy to locate and carry from the store, even as it sits on a shelf or as it stands alone on the floor. With only a few seconds to make a first—and lasting—impression, it is imperative that the customer feel comfortable picking up the product and envision themselves carrying it out of the store with ease. At Allen Field, we adhere to a simple truth: the easier something is to carry, the more likely a customer is to purchase it. With that in mind, Allen Field is happy to bring you a wide array of plastic handles to meet any and all of your packaging needs.

Our Elliptical Series is a favorite among our customers because of its sleek and sophisticated design. The Elliptical Series can accommodate packages up to 100lbs.

The Swivel Series handles fold down when the handle is not in use and simply swivels upright to make your product easy to carry. Our Swivel Series is perfect for case-type packages and are often paired with our case locks.

Looking for a handle with a more creative touch? Check out our Decorative Series; the Bracelet Handle adds the perfect combination of style and strength to your package.

For packages on the heavier side, we strongly recommend pairing a handle with a washer disc or support plate. A common scenario our customers come to us with is that the boxes are ripping around the handle die-cuts when they lift or carry the package. This is a sure way to deter someone from buying your product! Support plates do not replace high quality corrugated but they do reinforce the integrity of the die cuts.

For more information on support plates and box handles, as well as on how Allen Field can help with your design and packaging needs, visit our website or contact us today!


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