6 Reasons Your Packaging Needs Connecting Clips!

1. Connect Multiple Corrugated Walls

PP902T Box Clip

PP902T attaching a box to the tray

PP902T Box Clips

The simplest and safest way to connect multiple corrugated walls is with a sturdy box connecting clip. Allen Field offers box clips that accommodate wall thicknesses of up to 1 inch. Our clips vary in styles, from rotary locking to simple snap and lock.

2. Attach Covers to Bottom-Trays

box connecting clips, box with clips, Allen Field

HP601D Box Clips

large TV box with the HP601WA box connecting clips

HP601WA Box Clips

A sure-fire way to transport cabinetry, electrical appliances, or large TVs is with a cover and tray style corrugated packaging. No more straps and tape; just use a stylish box clip to enhance your packaging!

3. Act As Skid Joint – PP400WL

Yes, pallets are solid and rigid, but to ultimately end up at the destination without damage, they must be properly loaded and packed. Use our PP400WL as skid joints to secure loads and prevent any shifting during transport. The box clips can be easily stapled / nailed to the pallet and removed intact for re-use and inspection purposes.

box connecting clips, box with connecting clips, Allen Field

Skid Joint for Corrugated Box

4. Provide Hand-Holes for Carrying

PP800 Box Hand Hold, Allen Field

Protective Hand Holds

PP606, hand hold protector, Allen Field

Open Hand Hold Protectors


Box hand-holes make transporting easier for carriers. Our Hand-Hold Protectors provide reinforcement to the die-cuts and eliminate box damages from carrying. They are perfect in professional and home office environments or for personal moving, because most importantly, they protect your hands by covering sharp edges of the die-cuts.


5. Create Reusability to Corrugated Packaging

Allen Field Box Connecting Clip, turn to lock

Rotary Locking Clip

At Allen Field, we understand how important it is to maintain integrity of corrugated packaging for industrial and commercial applications such as storage, moving, and POP environment. Our connecting clips make closing and reopening the package a breeze. In addition, most of our clips are reusable and can be reassembled in just a few seconds.

6. Secure Contents

Arc Handle, clips for plastic corrugated box, Allen Fielld

Arc Protective Hand Hold Clip

tamper-evident box clip, Allen Field

HP602WL Box Clip

Designed for carrying corrugated boxes whose contents require an increased level of protection, the Protective Hand Holes not only enables carrying ease but also prevents dust and debris from entering the box during transportation. Featuring a recessed inner panel sealing the contents inside, the Arc Clip can be quickly installed with an oval die-cut. When travel security is most important for your package, choose a Tamper Evident Clip. Our box clips are ideal for the packaging of electronic, medical, and similarly sensitive goods.