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Impressive Packaging Design

Product packaging can wow consumers in a variety of ways, from the pretty to the creative.  Packaging makes consumers want to share their experience with others, so knowing how to harness the power of packaging is a great way to market your brand to current and potential customers.

Here are a few ways to dazzle consumers with packaging design:

  • Eco-friendly packaging design is popular among today’s consumers, so recyclable and reusable packaging is a bonus for businesses and the environment.
  • Keep your product packaging simple! The packages should be easily mobile and protect the product inside.
  • Your product packaging should help consumers know who your brand is and should not leave them guessing.

While having a rough idea as to some of the best design advice in the packaging industry, it is also important to have some tangible packaging, so you can see for yourself the impressive nature of packaging design. Here are a few product packaging items from Allen Field Inc. that offer both creativity and practicality:

Heavy Duty Handles with Logo: One of Allen Field’s featured products, available in varied sizes and colors! These heavy duty handles allow you to carry heavy products and minimizing the risk of damage, while marketing your company by adding your company’s logo.


Box Flap Closure: Designed to pack, unpack, and repack a corrugated box, this packaging design flap enables corrugated packaging to be reused and saves time when reopening and repackaging it.


Rotary Locking Clip: The rotary clip joins two pieces of corrugated cardboard together, making closing and reopening the package a breeze. The clip is 100% reusable and it can be easily assembled and removed in a few seconds.

Allen Field Inc. produces some of the finest packaging for products throughout the packaging industry. If you would like more information on our packaging design, please call us today at 877-959-3591.

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