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How Product Packaging Effects Consumer Purchasing

Did you know that nearly half of consumers make their decision to purchase a product based on the product’s packaging? Keep in mind, packaging is the first thing a consumer interacts with, product packaging is literally the face of your product. This means manufacturers should pay close attention to the packaging design they choose to represent their product. Here are some key points addressed through the packaging industry.

Smart packaging design helps target consumers by provoking an emotional attachment to a brand. Packaging design is capable of not only inspiring a purchase from the targeted consumer, but also creating a ripple effect that attracts new buyers.

Packaging design that offers easy accessibility and encourages interaction with a product, also helps persuade consumers to purchase a product.  The goal with this type of product packaging is to offer protection, while allowing the consumer to become familiar with the product. Here are some interesting facts about the influence of successful packaging design.

•             According to Business Insider, first impressions with product packaging generally take about 7 seconds, making subsequent judgment based on quick information.

•             Your packaging design represents your brand’s promise to deliver a quality experience.

•             Effective product packaging helps the consumer quickly find the brand and specific product or other variant they want, making their decisions faster and easier.

•             Packaging is another chance for brands to be marketed long after a consumer chooses to purchase a product. About 90% of consumers reuse product packaging boxes and bags after purchase. Businesses have reported a 30% increase in consumer interest when those businesses show a strong attention to packaging.

If you are looking for the right packaging design to deliver a lasting impression of your product to consumers, trust Allen Field Inc. We are dedicated to product packaging and a leading designer in the packaging industry. For more information on product packaging, contact us today at 877-959-3591.

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