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Allen Field Turns 71 This Year

It’s hard to believe, but Allen Field will turn 71 this year in 2016. Established in 1945, we started out as a customer-focused manufacturer of plastic sock hangers, small garment accessory hangers, plastic clips, plastic closures and other retail display hardware for the garment and hosiery industry and we have evolved to one of the leading companies in the Packaging, Woodworking and Textile Industries. We began to grow and by 1992, we acquired PX Hardware, expanding our inventory to include plastic and metal cabinet hardware, cabinet bumpers, shelf supports and portable line boring tools for the woodworking industry.

Today, Allen Field proudly sponsors charities and non-profit organizations as much as possible, such as the organization Swim Across America. We help SAA raises money and awareness for cancer research, prevention and treatment through swimming- related events.

After all these decades, Allen Field is proud to be the premier company in our industry for our use of global manufacturing facilities, design & manufacturing process consulting, product component sourcing and delivery logistics management. As one of the most recognized leaders in the industry, we are the choice manufacturers of proprietary and custom-designed fitting. Check out any of our case studies on our high-quality packaging and transportation solutions here:

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