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Ecommerce Packaging Trends

Many retailers have treated shipping cases as an afterthought that is up until recently. Over the past several years, that has started to change as the packaging industry has worked diligently to elevate packaging design.  We have come a long way from the old brown box and plastic bag.

More brands are putting greater emphasis on their packaging design, and that’s an important when it comes to ecommerce appeal. What’s even more interesting is how much consumers care about the specialized packaging design. Here are a several ecommerce packaging trends for 2015.

In 2015, we can expect more brands to put emphasis on their shipment packaging design. Those in the packaging industry, get ready, here are the latest best packaging design trends for 2015:

  • Pretty, branded boxes: Higher-end retailers who want to make their customers feel special will add an extra touch to their packaging design, so it draws more consumers.
  • Personalized notes: The packaging industry will see a demand for personalized “thank you” notes and offers from retailers. Again, a nice added effect to draw consumers.
  • Going green: The Frustration-Free Packaging uses simple packing materials to make opening your electronics much simpler—and green—than the traditional plastic packaging.
  • Cost and space: Finding the balance between premium packaging design options, with cost and space limitations will be a priority for retailers during 2015.

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