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How to Attract Online Shoppers with Packaging

When it comes to packaging products, it is partially the responsibility of the packaging industry to make the products appealing to customers. After all, the packaging is the face of any product. The first thing that consumers usually notice when looking at items are on a shelf, is its packaging.  But, what about when an item is on a webpage? Thanks to the drastic rise of online shoppers, the packaging industry has to strive to make their packaging even more appealing. Here are a few ways the packaging industry can weather these changing times.

Packaging durability can greatly impact an online shopper’s experience of the product and brand. Just imagine if you were a consumer and the product you ordered for the first time had flimsy packaging, causing damage to the item. As a consumer, you would probably be less inclined to purchase that product again. This is why packaging design is extremely important. Designers are responsible for not only packaging that is appealing enough to gain recognition by online shoppers, but the packaging must ensure the integrity of the item.

As if packaging designers did not already have a lot to consider when designing the ideal packaging, they must keep the packaging appealing. The best way to keep packaging appealing, is to make it personable to consumers. Personalization of products allows the brand to build a relationship with the consumer. Not to mention the innovation of packaging gives a face to the packaging design team. When online shoppers order a product from a website, every designer who worked on the packaging of this particular product leaves their mark. It is imperative for a packaging designer to understand the consumer. By embodying the needs of a consumer, you have already developed an unspoken dialog between industry and consumer.

Finally, packaging designers must make sure the packages in which they are designing are returnable. Even the most eye-catching packages can be overlooked if online shoppers think that the product’s packaging may create a hassle if the item needs to be returned. One of the main reasons why consumers shop online is to have the convenience of products delivered directly to their home or office. If online shoppers have to return an item, it is crucial that the packaging makes for a hassle-free return.

As online shoppers continue to forge ahead, so does the demand for appealing packaging. This increases the pressure on packaging designers to continually come up with ways to make product packaging for the e-commerce world more desirable. Allen Field Incorporated’s packaging designers take a proactive position in these changing in times by creating the most ingenious packaging available to appeal to online shoppers. For more information on how Allen Field Incorporated’s packaging design can increase the marketability of your product, contact us today at 800-535-0810.

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