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Rise on Packaging Online Sales for the Packaging Industry

There is no question that online sales are growing in all businesses across the board. So, why would the packaging industry be any different? What proves to be even more unique about the increase in online sales is that they all require packaging to ship merchandise to customers.  According to forecasts from research firm Forrester, the growth of ecommerce is expected to outpace sales growth at bricks-and-mortar stores over the next five years, reaching $370bn in sales by 2017 in the US alone. So how does the packaging industry keep up with online sales that require packaging? Here are a few considerations packaging industry owners and retailers should take into account as they design packaging for online sales.

Minimize Customer Frustration – Customers shop online mainly for the convenience, and part of this process is how customer friendly the item’s packaging is once it arrives to their door. Design primary packaging so it is easy to find and consumers intuitively know its contents. Avoid frustrating customers with packaging that is awkward or difficult to open.

Consider the Whole Package – When it comes to online sales, packaging design can get a little tricky. The packaging industry now has to not only appeal to a 2-dementional virtual store shelf, but has to maintain the same appeal for the item while it is for sale on an actual store shelf. The best way to negotiate this challenge for the packaging industry is to design product packaging so it is easy to find and customers can easily identify its contents.

Own Your Environmental Responsibility – The increase in online sales, also means the increase of packaging to protect items as they are being shipped, but what does this do to the overall carbon footprint we are leaving behind? This is why it is critical for packaging industry designers to take a long hard look at how they can utilize materials for packaging that customers can dispose of responsibly through recycling.

Looks Do Count – Despite what mother may have told you, looks do matter, especially to consumers who are purchasing online. The best way for packaging companies to ensure the sale of products is to make sure the packaging is appealing, noticeable and easy to identify as customers simply scroll endlessly looking for the item which catches their eye. In all reality, it is most often the package of the item that catches a customer’s eye, when examining online sales.

As online sales continue to blossom and demand the backing of the packaging industry, brand leaders and packaging industry designers are continually considering the need for packaging innovation. Allen Field Inc. has personally followed closely with the changing in times thanks to growing e-commerce. If you are looking for the ideal packaging design to market your product, contact us today at 800-535-0810.

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