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Ergonomics & Packaging

When it comes to packaging design, ergonomics plays an important role in how successful a packaging company will be. Since ergonomics’ primary function is to make the design of things compatible with human limitations and natural movements, it seemed only sensible for the packaging industry to add this to their packaging design. Do not misunderstand, this is not to say that the packaging industry does not already implement design strategies that are user-friendly, as much as it is important to maintain such perspective when a packaging company is designing a new product.

So, let’s examine the ergonomic mindfulness that packaging design should practice when creating packaging for today’s daily consumer. Of course, like with most packaging design, there lies a challenge — that packaging development needs to be capable of protecting products, while maintaining the practical and intuitive elements of ergonomic principles. This may seem easier said than done in terms of packaging design, but in actuality, it can be achieved as many companies within the packaging industry have proven time and time again.

Determining the right amount of protection requires a delicate balance between ergonomics, safety design and cost-effectiveness of materials. An example of such packaging would be the Soft Touch Swivel Handle which is popular with many of our clients. This handle is the most ergomatic of our handles made of 2-shot soft TPE material. It’s double-material surface gives a soft touch while offering a great carrying capacity. The handle can be made in two colors to continue logo flow making it the most distinctive handle in our line.

Although maintaining the elusive balance between ergonomics and packaging protection is somewhat challenging at times, the packaging design team at Allen Field Incorporated continues to forge ahead, creating innovative packaging design throughout the industry. Please visit our website for more information on our industry leading packaging development.

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