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Is Your Packaging Effective?

Your packaging represents your brand’s promise to deliver a quality product and an extraordinary experience. Effective packaging inspires purchases while also creating a ripple effect that resonates with the targeted consumers, making them emotionally attached. Equally important, a great packaging design will benefit the company as well as the environment by increasing the overall efficiency and reducing environmental impact in the long run! There are three milestones on the road to achieve effective packaging.

First Impression

Each product has less than 10 seconds to impress consumers. The quickest and easiest way to leave a memorable impression is with packaging. Effective packaging will catch the attention of consumers and communicate value. If you don’t want to stick to one universal design for your entire product line, try customizing the packaging components with your logo, color scheme, add a touch of sparkle to keep your product standing out among the rest.

Value Adding

The bottom line of packaging design, whether to be appealing or innovative, is to protect, transport, and display the packaged goods. Using the right packaging components can deliver numerous advantages that help the company achieve efficiency and lower the costs. Packaging designers and sales executives managing packaging projects tend to have more strategic objectives, such as reducing returns due to damaged packaging, providing easy access to package contents, or decreasing work related lifting injuries, etc.


Environmental-friendly concepts are not just socially responsible but necessary to attract modern consumers. One exciting fact is that 90% of consumers reuse packaging boxes or bags at least once. Thus, recycled or recyclable materials are beneficial to both businesses and the environment. If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to impress your customer long after the purchase is made, you may consider the following:

  1. Create an easy to open, close, and reopen package
  2. Utilize packaging components that extend the life of box
  3. Use reliable recycled or bio-degradable materials in packaging design

With careful consideration of your products, users, shipping requirements, and supply chain efficiencies, you will ultimately uncover how efficient your current packaging is. Allen Field’s packaging experts are all well versed in maximizing the opportunities to utilize smart packaging components since they are a powerful tool to enhance many package designs.

Recommended Items:

The Elliptical Handle Series: One of Allen Field’s most classic handle offerings. Available from 6” to 26” in length and available in standard, custom colors, and glitter or pearl enhancements.

The Wheel Eze: Simplifies packaging process and makes displays mobile in just a few seconds. Commonly paired with handhole handles and box corner protectors to create integrated shippable display solutions.

The Value Checklist: Most of Allen Field’s packaging components can be made with biodegradable additives or 100% recycled plastics. Check out the Designer / Sales Value List to review the complex objectives and determine the scope of your packaging project.

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