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Side Mount Handles Save the Day

Many clients add a plastic carrying handle to enhance their packaging and improve the customer experience. This often contributes to brand loyalty and increased sales. There are times, however, when the value of adding a handle is more strategic and can lead to overall cost reduction along the supply chain.  Allen Field’s side mount handle series reflects these values more than most. In addition to targeting consumer behavior, the side mount series delivers numerous advantages that lead to companies saving millions of dollars, such as: 

  • Decrease work related lifting injuries 
  • Reduce vendor returns & markdowns due to damage in retail handling  
  • Maintain package integrity throughout supply chain 
  • Deliver carrying convenience while maintaining the seal of the carton  
  • Provide protection and carrying comfort from rough corrugated edges 
  • Help ensure that the product is handled properly 
  • Offer easy to close and easy to open methods 
  • Equip brands with reusable solutions  
  • UPS and FedEx conveyor system compliant

The common denominator throughout all of our carrying handles is to provide the most comfortable carrying solution possible.  

The PP800dust proof is our newest side mount. This handle provides the comfort of an open hand hole protector but has a flexible barrier attached that blocks out dirt and dust. It can be used on sensitive medical or electronic packaging.  

The E572 is known for its duel-position functionality. It can be twisted upright for easy lifting stacking and shipping on a skid. The ergonomic design of the grip provides extra comfort to the carrier while holding up to 125 lbs. (2 handles). This handle is used for carrying requirements in industrial settings, as well as medical equipment and more.  

PP900 series is a conventional hand hole protector. It provides comfort to the hand when carrying. This series is also popular with bulky retail packaging like furniture or plumbing products. The protector helps maintain the integrity of packaging that is often compromised when a package is pulled from a shelf.  

PP700 was developed to provide all of the features of the 900 series except it works on a range of corrugated between 0.75” – 1.25” thick.   

These are just a few of the choices in our side mount series. For the complete line we encourage you to visit our websiteChat, call, or email with our packaging professionals to ensure you make the right choice for your packaging. 

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