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July 2020

Easy on Assembly

We offer an extensive variety of POP aids that help create professional retail displays. Benefits include: Fast and easy assembly; showcase your brand name and product info; simple styles complement all product types and sizes. Check out these essential products today!

The Push Fit Fastener
Allen Field is excited to introduce the Push Fit, a versatile 2-piece plastic fastener. Whether you need to hold a product on a retail header card, secure inner protective packaging, or quick store display assembly, the Push Fit can provide the aggressive connection your project desires. Unlike other ratchet down fasteners, the Push Fit can be unscrewed to separate, making discarding used packaging much easier. Current configuration accommodates boards up to .40” thick, a version is available to hold thicker boards upon request.
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Belt & Tie Retail Essentials

Allen Field offers an extensive variety of belt hangers and tie riders that help create professional retail displays. Benefits include:
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Showcase your brand name and product info
  • Simple styles complement all product types and sizes
  • Available in theft proof design
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We’re a Supplier of Biodegradable Plastic Products
Allen Field Co. manufactures biodegradable packaging components to align with your sustainability goals. We enhance the biodegradation of plastics with the Eco-One® additives, providing eco-friendly solutions for many applications. To kick-start the process of making your packaging green, contact us now!
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The 44333 Drawbolt Arrived in New Style
The new 44333 Drawbolt features a crimped wired loop and a rounded latch lock, securing your product with a tight draw action. Check out over 100 products in our new line of Case Handles & Hardware. Call 800-535-0810 to place your order.

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