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Allen Field is a recognized industry leader in the design and supply of plastic components for the packaging and retail display industries. We inventory the largest variety of plastic handles, box connecting clips, small plastic hangers, and POP display aids. But did you know that Allen Field also provides affordable and quality-driven custom design, project management, and manufacturing services?

This month we’d like to share how our experience and network have combined to create comprehensive custom solutions for our customers over the years.

Imagine: your products are stored in master cases and those cases are opened and closed, numerous times, to fulfil orders. In this common scenario, we see fulfillers using tape to seal and re-seal master cases and complaining of two key issues: the time required to cut and reseal, and the wear and tear on the corrugated packs. Other existing solutions to clip box lids closed are too big, jam conveyer belts, and are often expensive; leading Allen Field to create the Box Flap Closure. This turnkey solution was designed to reduce cost and secure two box flaps in mere seconds. The color was chosen to address another complaint customers had with existing closures; if the closure happens to become dislodged from a pack, our Box Flap Closure is easy to spot, whether it be on the warehouse floor or in the pack itself. The Box Flap Closure is useful in Warehouse Automated Storage Retrieval Systems, Fulfillment Centers, and Inventory Management. Best part, it is easily transferable from box to box, making it a sustainable solution!

Let’s imagine another scenario: after your products are boxed in the production facility, they are inspected during transit, before reaching their final destination. During the inspection process, a package is unsealed, protective layers are removed, and then the product is repackaged.  The standard process may include box cutters, tearing of wrapping, protective packaging components scattering or being compromised. Instead, Allen Field brought the Rotary Locking Clip to market. Featuring an interlock system, this clip is installed through die cuts and then turned and locked into place. This clip secures the two joining boards and provides an easy system for opening and closing, as needed. Like the Box Flap Closure, the Rotary Locking Clip is reusable and can be installed or removed in seconds with no additional tools needed.

Here at Allen Field, we have built successful partnerships with customers based on our ability to quickly adapt and efficiently compete in the ever-changing global economy. We are not content with merely providing “off-the-shelf products”. We want to design a part for your project that helps it work better, cost less, and sell more; giving you the solution that optimizes value. Whether you require a small tweak in an existing component, a completely new design, or help in sourcing components, Allen Field has the experience, breadth, and depth of capability to come up with the best solution for your dilemma.

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