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March 2024

Efficiency & Reusability: New Approach to Address Modern Packaging Needs

Discover efficiency and reusability with Allen Field's simply brilliant solutions

March 2024

Efficiency & Reusability

New Approach to Address Modern Packaging Needs

Watch the video to see our clips in action.

Seeking an alternative way to fasten outer protective corrugated to your product packaging? Look no further! Our box connecting clips simplify packing, unpacking, and repacking while extending the life of your packaging materials. Specifically designed for securing double-wall corrugated boards, our HP602W clips are easy to install and remove. They’re perfect for products that need frequent opening and reclosing along the supply chain, ensuring efficiency at every stage. But that’s not all – we’re committed to reusability too! Our plastic components are enhanced with Eco-One® additives, aligning seamlessly with your sustainability goals. By reducing wear and tear on boxes and enabling reuse, our clips offer a greener solution for various applications.

Discover the difference with Allen Field – where efficiency meets reusability in packaging innovation.

Click the video to see our EnviroHandles in action.

End-User Friendly
Economically Friendly

Carrying Solution

Allen Field enables customers to transform their existing packaging into a fully sustainable solution with our EnviroHandles. Explore a diverse selection of handles created from eco-friendly materials such as recycled paper, cotton, and bamboo. These handles come in various sizes and colors, seamlessly complementing your product’s packaging while upholding its environmental responsibility.

Require fast application? Inquire about machine automation with us!

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At Allen Field, we’re not only dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services, but also to nurturing a culture of continuous learning and growth. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our latest initiative: the Allen Field Book Club! For a while now, our team has been deeply engaged in the captivating realm of literature, gathering to explore a wide array of stories and ideas. Our current selection is “Mr. Mercedes” by Stephen King. We also invite you to share your favorite book recommendations or ideas for exciting book club activities. Your input is essential as we enhance our reading experiences and build our community.

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