October 2021


Simplified Mobile Packaging

Wheel Eze on Customer Box

“The wheels are perfect. Many thanks for sharing your product with us.”

                                                                                                                            — John Loach, Loach Engineering Inc.

At Allen Field, we love to hear our customers’ success stories and share them with packaging professionals who are passionate about innovative packaging. Our client, Loach Engineering, created a moveable packaging by using our Wheel Eze, making the product inside super easy to transport. In fact, these wheels fit directly into the corrugated panel via simple cut-outs, turning a heavy or irregular shaped boxes into a portable packaging in just a few seconds! Allen Field offers a variety of rolling systems and packaging components that can bring significant labor and time savings through out the supply chain. Kick start your success today!


Rotor Guard for Bicycle Shipping

Shipping bicycles to retail stores or direct to consumers can be very challenging. One of the common challenges is to prevent the brake rotor from being damaged without removing it from the bike before shipping. Allen Field’s engineering team designed a one-size Rotor Guard, which fits multiple axel sizes from 9mm to 15mm. This product not only protects the rotor, but also prevents the sharp edges of the rotor from damaging the bike frame! Assembly is easy with no additional tools required. To learn more about this product or other custom components, contact us today!



Featuring a sculptured silhouette, the 310 Case Handle is a customer favorite for contemporary design! Paired with the 9408 Bracket, this handle offers comfortable carrying experience and reliable strength. Win your customers heart with Allen Field case handles and hardware! Call 800.535.0810 to order!


Virtual Presentations

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While our 2021 trade show season is over, you can still find our exhibition 24/7. Check out the Virtual Event page on our website and always feel free to contact us with any comments or questions!

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