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PACK EXPO: Top 3 Packaging Trends that are Affecting the Global Packaging Market

There are many packaging trends that have flooded the packaging industry this year, but some show a forecast of greater influence on the global market for packaging design than others. During the Pack Expo of 2015, the Business Intelligence division revealed its latest packaging design trends report compiled in collaboration with Euromonitor.

Here are the three main trends were identified by the packaging industry as affecting the global packaging market in every region:

Plastic Bottles: Bottled water, yogurt and sour milk drinks, and RTD tea have experienced large growth due to increased awareness of health and wellness. Because of this awareness, packaging design trends for plastic bottling is soaring.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Design: Stronger influence of recycling and environmental issues. Recyclable and reusable packaging within pack types like PET bottles and glass bottles will become large purchasing factors for global consumers. Eco-friendly packaging design is another chart topping trend in the packaging industry this year.

Purchasing Power in Developing Markets: As consumers have larger disposable incomes and greater purchasing power, premium packaging design for products will become more visible in the market, especially aluminum beverage cans in alcoholic drinks.

The growing middle class in many regions around the world, especially Asia Pacific and Latin America, is leading to larger disposable incomes, and causing more purchasing. Since consumer goods are on the rise, naturally the packaging design for those products are also taking off. In turn, more consumers are purchasing packaged goods from modern retail locations.

While the largest packaging design types, such as flexible plastic, will continue to see absolute volume growth, high forecast growth rates are expected for newer, non-traditional pack types in the packaging industry, a great example of this trending packaging design are pouches.

Other macroeconomic and consumer behavior trends are influencing factors in different regions, and these include the growth in urbanization especially in developing regions; increased demand for convenience products, and the shift to smaller packaging design sizes.

Globally, flexible plastic remains the dominant pack type, however, pack types such as brick liquid cartons and PET bottles will register the highest growth rates, and are expected to continue growing in the packaging industry.

Overall, the Asia Pacific region maintains a 46% volume share of total packaging market, with 2,091 billion units, and as their disposable income continues to strengthen, so will their demand for packaging design. With about 1,300 billion fewer packaging units, Western Europe is the second largest region with volume share of 18%.

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