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Washer plates are a convenient way to support your packaging!

Looking for extra support for the handle to your product? You’ve got it in washer plates! Washer plates increase the amount of corrugated holding power while also preventing tearing around die-cuts. They are particularly handy solutions for heavier boxes and products, because while the washer plate does not increase the handle’s weight capacity, it improves the holding capacity of whatever it is carrying.

Washer plates are an essential component of packaging and products with box handles. The inclusion of washer plates will lessen the odds of the package bending or breaking and will further ensure it is transported safely.

Many customers don’t even know about the existence of washer plates. An attendee came up to us during a recent convention at West Pack and said he once used handles similar to the ones on our package designs but stopped because the boxes were ripping. He didn’t know washer plates could solve that problem in a hurry!

For more on washer plates and box handles as well as on how Allen Field can help with your design and packaging needs, visit our website or contact us here!

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