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The Allen Field Product Development Process

Allen Field does much more than just provide woodworking components and stock packaging accessories such as plastic hangers. We also offer custom manufacturing capabilities for clients such as die-casting, metal-stamping and plastic injection molding.

Clients who team up with Allen Field will have their work in the best hands—literally—possible. We will partner a client with experienced executives who specialize in marrying business goals with project design and objectives. And once the design of your product is finalized, it heads to our outstanding engineers, who take pride in custom manufacturing diverse visions and coming up with solutions-driven products for every customer.

The Product Development Process is usually a five-step process:

1.) Ideation studies: Client and Allen Field discuss ideas and exchange information before coming up with possible solutions.

2.) Concept development: We use 3-D technology to vividly bring your ideas and sketches to life.

3.) CAD prototype: The “first draft” of your product, available for review.

4.) Engineering: As soon as the sample is approved, we begin setting and mapping out specifications for the product.

5.) Tooling and production: With the product approved, tooling begins.

You may view some examples of our previous work here. Like what you see? Want to partner with us in your custom manufacturing project as well as check out our box handles solutions? Check out our website or contact us here!

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