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What is a “Private Label?”

At Allen Field, we are regularly asked to produce “private label” packaging for clients. We are also regularly asked: What DOES private label mean?

Private label, simply put, is a product “Company C” makes with the plan to sell it to “Company B,” which will then offer to sell it, under the Company B name, to “Company A.” Company A is usually a large corporate brand (think Wal-Mart or Target) that doesn’t typically buy products from independent entrepreneurs. But Company C is far more likely to invest  in something from the established and trusted Company B.

Allen Field, meanwhile, produces the private label packaging (such as heavy duty handles) for these products by coming up with an attractive design promoting not only the product but also the name and logo of the store selling it (i.e. “Company C”). This results in better sales for everyone and makes it more likely the Company As of the world will continue finding homes for their ideas!

We are eager to assist you with all your packaging design needs and to provide you an attractive and cost-effective way to display the products you sell. To learn more about Allen Field, contact us here!

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